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Hiring an attorney is often seen as an expense; just another line item on the budget that you wish you could do without. Attorneys are expensive, and sometimes it can feel like they only get in the way of progress.

But what if your relationship with an attorney could be different? What if instead of simply saying “no,” your attorney would work with you and your team to overcome legal hurdles to achieve business objectives?

At Razor Legal Solutions, we partner with our clients, learn about their businesses, and share in their visions for growth. We offer more than legal opinions - we offer action.

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Strategic Business Planning for Life Sciences Companies

Razor Legal Solutions is a boutique life sciences law firm focused on serving start-ups and small pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers that either have products in development, entering the market, or new to the market.

We work with teams across the country that have tremendous experience discovering and developing breakthrough products. In many cases, our clients know they need a lawyer, however, they also need sales, training, and marketing experience.

Razor Legal Solutions exists at this intersection of law and business.

We leverage an uncommon blend of law firm, in-house, and health policy experience to help life sciences manufacturers navigate the technically complex and highly regulated environment in which they operate. Our goal is to develop practical solutions designed to mitigate legal risk without sacrificing business objectives.

Nimble, Creative Business Solutions

Our clients are nimble, creative, and innovative - words that are not typically used to describe a law firm. Yet, that is exactly what we strive to be. In fact, that is what our clients need from any attorney they work with.

We understand that the products, treatments, and drugs our clients are working on have the potential to improve the wellbeing and quality of life for hundreds of thousands of patients. Getting these products into the market comes with unique challenges, and these challenges are ever evolving.

We look for innovative solutions and work to educate clients as we counsel them. In the best case scenario, we are able to help clients leverage applicable laws and regulations to their competitive advantage. Other times, it is our job to provide a firm "no” and provide education as to why that may be the case. We are unafraid of “push back” from clients. In fact, we welcome the friction. This is how we innovate. This is how we find solutions.

A Law Firm That Knows Your Business & The Industry

Razor Legal Solutions endeavors to be an asset to growing life sciences companies, helping them think strategically about their business. Our approach is to understand the business first, then work on developing a legal strategy. We have a strong background in health policy, and we keep our sights set on the future of life sciences. Our goal is to help clients achieve success today and plan for long term success - whether that is one year or five years from now.

Ready to get started?

Razor Legal Solutions has the regulatory, industry, and legal knowledge to help your business anticipate, adapt to, and manage changes in regulations and compliance guidelines. We will work alongside you and your team to identify potential compliance and regulatory issues, then build systems to manage and leverage risk in an effective and cost efficient manner. Contact our law firm today to get started.

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Success Stories

“Jen is the ultimate professional who can quickly grasp complex topics, simplify them and move productively to collaborative soutions.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jen  both for this professionalism but also because of the positivity she brings to her work, she makes it fun!”

“Jennifer’s years of in-house experience have provided her with deep knowledge of FDA, DOJ and OIG requirements and policies with respect to the advertising and promotion of pharmaceutical products as well as sales training materials concerning these products.  As a result, she was able to hit the ground running to provide careful, well-reasoned business-oriented advice in these areas. She has been an incredible asset to our organization.”

“Jennifer Razor is a creative and practical attorney who understands the business challenges as well as the legal risks.  She provides nuanced legal analysis and explains how to apply it to achieve business solutions.”

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